ReThink NMS was founded in 2013 by Simon Staffans and Anders Wik. Since spring 2016 the production company has been creating stories, helping companies and organisations reach audiences, producing documentaries, informational videos and ads and so much more.

We believe in communicating, in delivering clear messages and having fruitful discussions. We believe a well crafted story takes projects, ideas and collaborations forward in the desired direction, to the benefit of everyone involved.

We create the stories, the content and the solutions you need.

We innovate over all media platforms, with the audience and its engagement a top priority.

We look forward to helping you tell your stories and achieve your goals!

Corporate Storytelling & Ads

(some produced @ MediaCity)

Media Concepts

& TV Formats


© 2016 by ReThink.

Rantalinna, Strandgatan

65100, Vasa, Finland

+358 40 830 7973 | +358 500 669 449


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